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Who I Work With OR Don't

I simply refuse to work with any company that is non-ethical, wants me to make certain kinds of remarks about them or their products or who do not allow me to do what I believe is right creatively and ethically.


If you are a company, a small or large startup or simply a single person trying to showcase his research and talents or your products, let's collaborate.

DALL·E 2023-05-04 19.01.50 - 3D printers, Phones, laptops, lasers, planets and other tech

I am a bit different

Collaborating with me will be a little different though. Most of my partnerships are non-financial they are mostly based on a one-way barter system of trust. If you believe in your product and yourself send it to me I don't want any kind of money to review it or test it I just want to use it and provide my feedback. So basically anybody can send one and I will make sure to open it on camera although I upload my review or test or any kind of video is not a guarantee.

Sometimes for a chosen few brands I make all kinds of content for free and even purchase the products that I am opening. If you want to be one of these feel free to shoot an email with info on your product and company and I will make sure to view it. But No Promises


I do not hide any kind of information from my viewers i.e. the Tier and our contract may be a part of public record. If you do not wish to do so please tell us in advance and such a case the same would be displayed with all content("Company wishes to keep it private"




Send over the product and I promise to open it and unbox it in front of the camera, and any and everything beyond that is up to my free will I may write about in in my blog here or I might make a Video or a Reel or a YouTube Short or a TikTok or maybe just a simple tweet or maybe I will just open it and write my feedback to you via mail on what to improve in order to make it content worthy

All Tiers below this involve prior communication and conversation to determine if products are worthy of the prices and if I would be able to indulge in my creative free will while fulfilling my promises.



This tier entitles the creation and mention of the product and company on one of my Socials that I deem fit along with video footage being made available for the purposes of brand marketing



This tier entails the creation of a video for the device based on my opinion and also exclusive access to AD and Movie quality 4K shots of the device shot in various backgrounds and allowing the use of clips and parts of the video without any form of copyright violations.

It includes the provision of high-quality marketing material to the client/company.


$1000 & UP

This is a very very exclusive one only made available to some select few after rigorous due-diligance. It includes everything from all tiers and a special mention in my BLOG, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Along with a complete report of the product experience and measures to improve the look. feel and addition of newer features all summarised In a very personalised analysis report created after vigorous testing

Things I love to test

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