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DALL·E 2023-05-04 19.01.50 - 3D printers, Phones, laptops, lasers, planets and other tech

Why you should partner?

Partnering with the D-bag Nerd comes with a host of benefits to companies as well as viewers including provisions of trust, integrity and transparency in all systems and processes


Increase Brand Trust

The D-bag Nerd means trust and truth you can be 100% sure that whatever I will say will be the truth and it allows for your company to build trust in the public eye.

Integrity Promised

Our first and utmost promise is that of truth and openess which is meaningless without integrity, the ability to fulfil all promises without any kind of corporate espionage or personal prejudices

Increased Transparency

We share multiple forms of information with the public including our communications with brands and our thoughts on products are all fully showcased transparently

Precision Product Testing

On sending us your products you make sure that all aspects of the product are completely tested from the the consumer journey, shipping and delivery, Unboxing experience, Setup, Initial thoughts to Long term usage all compiled for you in a one of a kind report by an experienced professional.

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